We offer two types of accessories for our products:

Baby necklaces

In this section we offer handmade nursing or baby wrap necklaces of high quality materials. Love & Carry® baby wrap necklaces are a perfect addition to a Love & Carry® baby carrier. Their colours match our baby wraps, Mei Tai's and ergonomic baby carriers.

Teething pads

During teething, babies will suck and chew on everything they can get a hold of. While the baby sits in the carrier it is usually the shoulder straps of the carrier that become the subjects of such interest for your baby. To maintain hygienic conditions during the period of teething we designed detachable double-sided pads that should be an indispensable accessory for your Love & Carry® baby carrier.

Baby wrap necklace Santiny SALE

Baby wrap necklace Santiny SALE

The Love & Carry® Santiny necklace is a perfect accessory in combination with our baby carr..

€14.90 Ex Tax: €12.31

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